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The Cookies Policy of TheTechFolk explains the procedure through which it uses cookies and similar content for its own business purpose. You should concede that by visiting our website or any other related product, you are allowing us to use whole or partial personal information through our cookies policy. We use cookies to enhance your browsing experience at TheTechFolk and offer what exactly you are seeking. However, the users hold the final right to allow us to do so. In the process of collecting personal information, TheTechFolk is committed to safeguarding and evading any misuse of your personal information.

Below are some of the key points that comprise our cookie policies. Kindly read them out before using our services/products. You are singularly responsible for any fallout. We, at TheTechFolk, consider that when you are using our services/products, you are cognizant of our cookies policies beforehand.

Cookies and their types 

In plain words, a cookie refers to a small data file that a web server sends to the user’s data-driven device like a smartphone or laptop while the user is browsing the internet. This file primarily consists of unique identities that allow the browsed website to remember some information about the user.

The information collected via cookies is basically the IP address of the user, third-party link information, the URL information, the broad information, the email and address information of the user, and details of the items browsed.

Based on the source, cookies can be classified as

Session cookies

These types of cookies store information only about the duration of the visit to a particular website. The cookies will be deleted as soon as you shut off the browser.

Persistent cookies

As the name suggests, persistent cookies stay on your device for a fixed time period. Usually, the time period of persistent cookies is 30-90 days. However, for analytical performance and measurement cookies, the time period could be up to 26 months.

Third-party cookies

These are the cookies set by our associated service partners and organization and generally consist of external analytics services. They basically help you to have a better understanding of our services and products.

First-party cookies

These types of cookies are set by the browser you are browsing.

The use of cookies by TheTechFolk

TheTechFolk maintains a transparent work policy that has the right information usage and informed customers as its pillars. We make sure that all the information collected via our cookies policies stays in safe hands and causes no loss to your users.

We use cookies to deliver our users a better and more personalized browsing session. We ask for cookies to have a certain set of your personal information in order to deliver customized content.  We also make use of cookies to identify returning users and subscribers and endow them with the latest version of the website and available information. The use of cookies allows users to do easy login and re-enter.

TheTechFolk uses cookies collected from the users to understand the behavioral pattern of the users and server what exactly is required. We do a detailed analysis of factors like pages viewed, time spent on the website, and items searched. The analysis further helps us to manage affiliate and third-party links.

Cookies are also very useful in the process to improve our advertising and marketing process. We understand the nature of third-party links and their efficiency and reject what is not significant to our users.

What else do we ask for?

You shall concede that along with cookies our website may ask for web beacons, page tags, GIFs, and web bugs. These types of technologies are used to infer user behavior and tailor our services based on it.

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